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Dear deviantART...

Wed Jul 22, 2015, 7:34 AM
I am refusing to use the rebranded name because, I'm annoyed about the rebrand. I'm annoyed about your direction, your lack of focus in key areas and your lack of communication. I said I'd never be a bitter former staff member, but it seems that I am.

Last year you spent a lot of money on a rebrand, this year you've cut 50% of your work force, entire departments have been decimated and peoples lives have been thrown upside down without notice. But you never really communicated to anyone why. You still don't, you're not telling the community what's happening and that's only going to hurt you. People will see that helpdesk tickets take longer to get a response, people see that lots of people are no longer staff and you're not letting them know why. You know that people have a belief that the site is dying, you're only furthering it right now. How much of a better state would the site be in if the rebrand hadn't happened? Would I and the rest of the people that lost our jobs without notice still be employed here? Where would we be if you had communicated that there was an issue to staff sooner? What about if it had been communicated to the community as a whole?

For too long you've been committing the cardinal sin when running a community, you've been ignoring the community. You've given them features that weren't asked for and left features that were wanted underdeveloped. You know this because it's been raised many times, I had to fight so hard to get simple bugs fixed with chats. If you'd treated it properly it could have been a huge community point. Same with groups and portfolios. All the money that's been spent on various projects that never saw the full light of day or were never utilised properly. How would things have been different if it had been handled better?

spyed tell people what's happening because people deserve to know. Your staff deserve to know. The people that have thought this was their HOME for years deserve to know. I have been here 12 years and aside from a few months I've logged on virtually everyday. I've met some of my best friends through this site, I've met some people that I was crazily in love with, one that I nearly married, one that I traveled across the world to be with for a summer and yet another that I was set on spending the next 2 years commuting to see. But coming here these last 3 months has been like going to my old home as it's being demolished. I don't have any desire to browse art, to comment on works that show up in my message centre or even to chat with people on dAmn.

spyed I have defended you for years, said you had the communities best interests at heart, that you knew what to do, but right now I can't do it man. I don't know if this is coming from you or pressure from those around you, but this is not the deviantART I joined, it's not the one I volunteered for multiple times or the one I worked for for nearly 4 years. And I hate that.

Ultimately losing my job here hurt me both financially and personally, for reasons I don't want to go in to. I lost a lot when you let me go. But I've found out that I was unhappy when I was here, so I am grateful that I was let go in a way, because now I have a job where I am happy, I'm not stressed, I don't feel sick all the time and I sleep easily at night. I see people everyday, I talk to my colleagues face to face, I can touch them, hug them, sit and eat with them. I never realised how much I'd missed that.

Angelo, please do the right thing for this community before it's too late, before you've lost everyone that has passion for the site and for the art. Before you've lost your vision completely, before you've lost your community, before we've all lost our home.

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You're amazing and inspiring, Dom!
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Thanks a lot for your community input! You always did have quite the strong voice, and you still do! 
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all hail you, seriously
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