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For Americans

Thu Sep 22, 2016, 6:43 PM
I don't care if you don't like this or disagree with me, deal with it.

If you're American and over the age of 18 you have a civic duty on November the 8th. You have a choice between a woman that will continue President Obama's legacy and a man that will institute his own personal Third Reich. There are 3rd parties and I support the right to a choice, but I ask you to consider this: Would you reelect George W Bush or Richard Nixon?

You might not like her and you don't have to, but understand this, Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of President Obama's policies. Donald Trump represents a return to George W. Bush only this time with less political knowledge and more bigotry from his VP. (Mike Pence is fucking disgusting, if you don't know him, google him). An administration that represents Jim Crow, Segregation and religious intolerance.  An administration that favors the rich and scorns the poor as "lazy". An administration that will increase national debt at an astronomic rate, provoke wars and leave people marred with poverty.

You might think "Well, I don't like Hillary, Bernie and Jill said she's a warhawk". Hillary is no more a warhawk than President Obama, if you respect his position, respect hers. You might think that you should vote for Jill, that's you're right. But as someone who regularly votes for 3rd parties, understand that Jill is not interested in a true 3rd party movement the way Bernie is. She turns up every 4 years, runs for President, earns enough money to live for 4 years and run the next time. She is polling at 3%, she won't be elected and even if she were, her polices are far to left wing to make it past the center right senate and congress (which is moving progressively right). Hillary's policies are actually feasible and progressive. If elected she has a much greater chance of getting her policies passed, protecting the things we hold dear and advancing our ideals.…

You might think that Gary Johnson is cool because yay weed and no regulations. If you're liberal and thinking of supporting Gary Johnson read this…. He absolutely and fundamentally opposes many key democrat polices, including all those nice Bernie ones. He once said that there is no point fighting global warming because the sun will consume the earth in a few billion years. He supports deregulation of the banks that caused the 2008 crash and his idea of how you'd combat that? Sue them. Gary Johnson thinks that if you're hard done to, you can just sue that person

If you're thinking of voting Donald Trump, do me a favor and block me. Because as far as I am concerned the only people that could support him are the people that could condone his racism, bigotry and hatred.

So why should you vote for Hillary Clinton? Aside from her being 1 of 2 people that has a chance to win. She's spent her life devoting herself to those with less.… She has spent 25 years in the public eye and despite attacks has won massive praise.

If you have a disability that disenfranchises you. Hillary is the only candidate to speak to us rather than at us..One embraces all minorities the other attacks them.

Hillary is the only progressive candidate with a chance to win/ If you want to understand why then read this. If you're a liberal supporting Gary Johnson then there are issues we need to address.

My final statement is this. If you are in a swing state then get out and vote, get all your friends and family. Let's not allow Trump to steal the votes on this case. In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote, but due to the the way swing states work, he lost it to Bush Jnr, whose led us blindly in to IRAQ. Trump would take it further, too fast, too dangerously. Don't repeat the mistakes made with Bush or in 68 when they elected Nixon.

Fight for what you believe in and get out there and bring everytime with you. Think about whether you could tolerate a Clinton presidency, that defended your ideals or whether you hate her so much you're willing to risk a Trump win.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton inspire me daily. I don't expect that from you, but please, think of your community. Vote against TTP, Citizens Utd. Empower and take everyone that can't reach a polling station with you. That is how we defeat Trump.

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